All you need to know about car valuations

If you want to sell your vehicle, getting reliable and trustworthy car valuations may be the key to realising just what its worth. That might be easier said than done, of course, unless you know just where to look.

The trade “bibles”

When it comes to gauging the market price of any vehicle, there are a number of resources frequently used by the motor trade. Important among these are the motor vehicle valuers Glass and Parker – both offer used car valuations based on extensive databases of traded vehicles.

If you have consulted Glass’s or Parker’s guides for car valuations, however, you are likely to have discovered a relatively broad range of prices, depending on the actual condition of the vehicle in question.

Whilst both guides – also available online – may prove useful in trying to put a price on any car you might be trying to sell, therefore, the real skill might lie in determining just how the valuation is affected by the overall condition of the vehicle you may want to sell.

Professional experience

At the end of the day, therefore, you may be faced with a very wide range of potential valuations if you rely on the valuations offered by the trade’s principal valuers.

In that event, it may be time to call in the experience and expertise of professionals accustomed to working not only with the trade’s established valuation standards but also with their own real-time exposure to the market.

Car buyers such as ourselves, for example, have established one of the biggest businesses in the whole of south-eastern England on the strength of our realistic and market-conscious valuation of vehicles of every shape and hue – from high performance to standard, high- to low-mileage, old and new.

It is an experience and expertise that may be brought to bear if you have a car you want to sell.

If that is the case, you only have to visit our website and key in your car’s registration number to register your interest in selling your vehicle.

We will then get back to you to discuss and confirm the particular details and condition of the car you want to sell. Whatever its make and model, whatever its age and condition, you may expect not only a realistic valuation but also one that you may rely on if you decide to proceed with the sale (as long as you have been honest with us of course!)

Car valuations from us at Southern Car Buyers are genuinely bankable.

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