How do I find the best car buyers?

If you are looking to sell your car you might decide to save yourself the time, trouble and effort of advertising it, showing it to potential buyers and arranging test drives and instead go straight to a firm that buys cars directly. So, how might you find the best car buyers?

How choosy?

  • you might have a high performance, prestige or simple standard make and model. It might be high-mileage or low. It might be older or newer. To take advantage of as many of these variables as possible, therefore, the best car buyers may be those prepared to buy any type of vehicle in any condition;


  • how reliable or bankable is the quote you are given? Some car buyers might tempt you with an unrealistically attractive but provisional quotation simply to win over your interest. The best car buyers, on the other hand, are likely to be those prepared to guarantee their quote – once details such as age, mileage and condition have been confirmed, of course;


  • probably your biggest concern whenever you are selling your car is the receipt of the payment for it. And probably the most reassuring and confidence-boosting form of payment is in cash. You might want to single out those car buyers, therefore, that are prepared to offer you payment in cash;

Your place or theirs?

  • some buyers might insist that you visit their premises in your car for it to be inspected, the final inspection to be made, a firm quote to be given and for the sale to be concluded;
  • if you’ve gone to the time, trouble and effort of finding the premises, however, you may feel yourself under a degree of pressure to conclude a sale even though the price fails to match what you had expected;
  • you might prefer the buyer, therefore, who guarantees your quote in advance and is prepared to come to you with the payment when they come to collect the vehicle.

Southern Car Buyers

  • we are car buyers who tick all of the above boxes – in terms of us buying just about any car, at a guaranteed quotation (provided you have been truthful), for cash, upon collection from your address;
  • you might agree, therefore, that these features make Southern Car Buyers one of the best car buyers.

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