How do I find the best car buyers?

Some of us may have asked ourselves in the past, how do I find the best car buyers?

It is a good question and one that depends on what you are looking to get out of the deal.

You are, of course, looking to sell your vehicle but presumably at a price you find to be reasonable and with the minimum of overheads and arrangement hassle to yourself.

Private sales

Advertising your vehicle conventionally and/or on the internet is one such option, however, it is difficult to say too much more about this because the outcomes may be many and varied.

There may be advantages and disadvantages to this route and only you will be able to say whether or not it makes sense in the context of your need to sell your vehicle.

Internet direct sales

Something that may be a little easier to discuss is the option of selling your vehicle to a specialist car buyer company such as us.

The potential advantages here are that you may be able to get a very fast response and an equally fast sale.

If the sale is agreed, some companies of this type may be able to make equally quick payment to you and you may not have the worry of needing to deal with private individuals asking for test drives and passing over cheques that you may be a little concerned about.

The logistics of internet sales

In the case of some companies operating in this domain, you may need to take your car along to one of their depots and that may not be entirely dissimilar to simply taking your car to a conventional dealership and asking them for price.

The problem with this approach is, that once you are there on-site, you are a semi-captive audience and the dealer may know that you might be reluctant to simply walk away from their proposal, however much it may not meet your expectations.

What might be preferable is a situation whereby the company comes to you to look at the vehicle, as this gives you a far greater degree of commercial leverage than may be the case where you have driven a long-distance take your vehicle to them.

Of course, whatever your views as to who are the best car buyers, it may always be advisable to be prepared to walk away from an offer if it does not meet your minimum requirements (though being realistic in setting your expected price may also be a sensible move).

Ultimately, only you will be able to decide who the best car buyers for your circumstances are.

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