How do I find the best car buyers?

The best car buyers are often hard to wheedle out and it depends on what you are looking to get out of the deal. Naturally, you’re looking to sell your fast, with no hassle and get a good price, but who is best? Here are three of the most common options and the pros and cons of each:

Private sale

Advertising your vehicle conventionally and/or on the internet is one such option, however it will have overheads so it is important to weigh up whether it is worth it. Usually a better price can be achieved privately than many other avenues of sale as you are cutting out middlemen. The problem is that if you require a quick sale private buyers tend to drag their feet and require test drives, which means the process will not be fast. There is also a fear of cheques bouncing and that you may not even have enough interest in order to sell.

Selling to a dealer

You always have the option to part-exchange or to sell back to a dealer. The benefit of this is if you are upgrading, then you can get everything sorted in one deal. In this situation, the main downside is that when part-exchanging you have the price of the new car to consider and how much you are really getting for your old car. Street-savvy dealers will know their price points and can wrap you up in a complex deal that may not be as good as it is made to look.

Specialist car buyer

Something that may be a little easier to discuss is the option of selling your vehicle to a specialist car buyer company such as us. The potential advantages here are that you will be able to get a very fast response, as well as an equally fast sale and payment. However, some car buyers will need you to travel to their depot to complete the sale in order to put pressure on you, as a semi-captive customer, when lowering their price. However at Southern Car Buyers, our team will come to you leaving you in a position of power.

Whatever your needs when selling your car it is important to not accept a deal that you are unhappy with and feel pressured. You can get a free car valuation here or call our friendly team for more advice on 01708 863 732.