How do I get someone to buy my car?

There is no single answer to this and you have a number of routes open to you.

The one you choose will obviously be up to you and what you see as the best way forward may vary depending upon your own situation, such as:

  • how quickly you want sell it and get the cash in your bank;
  • whether or not you wish to undertake a lot of advertising and other related administration, prior to the sale;
  • how happy you are at dealing with a buyer face-to-face in terms of negotiations and test drives etc.

What are these options?

There may be several but excluding those that are only applicable in certain circumstances (e.g. scrapping schemes and sales to family members etc) your principal options may include:

  • selling to a specialist online buyer of cars;
  • advertising your vehicle privately and attempting to sell it to a private individual;
  • doing a trade-in or PX (part exchange) deal that involves the purchase of another vehicle;
  • selling it to an ordinary high street dealership.

Which is best?

What may work out the best for someone else might not prove to be best for you.

There may be a number of typical attributes of such deals that you may wish to take into account before making your decision (understanding, of course, that the offer price will typically be a factor):

  • selling to an online specialist purchaser may prove to be the fastest solution and it may also involve you in the least administration, as you will not have to worry about things such as advertising, cleaning and valeting, test drives and potentially aggressive negotiation tactics;
  • looking to sell to private individuals may enable you to set a higher target sale price but you may have to undertake extensive vehicle preparation and accept delays (plus, there may be little guarantee that you will achieve the price you have set in any case);
  • trade-in deals will only be feasible if you require another vehicle and you may find that your freedom of choice and negotiating position is restricted by your need to dispose of a vehicle as part of the deal;
  • high street dealerships may be reluctant to engage in the cash deals.

The answer to the question, who will buy my car, will depend upon how you see the above issues.

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