How do I sell my car for cash?

Need the money from your car sale fast? There’s no surprise that when many of us come to getting rid of our old motor the first thing we ask is ‘how do I sell my car for cash?’ It helps us negate the fear of someone driving away and their cheque bouncing and gives us the cash in our pockets for when we require it. Here’s two of the most popular ways to sell your car for cash today:

Private sale

If you’ve ever advertised your car for sale in newspapers, a card in the local newsagent’s window or even through a listing online, you may know that a tedious and tiresome wait follows. Potential buyers may be few and far between. You’ve had to go to the expense of cleaning your car, taxing it and making sure it’s MOT’d. Then you’ve got the rigmarole of constant test drives and endless negotiations as you try to get the best cash price for your car. Asking for cash at the end of this process may seem simple, but you run the risk of driving the buyer away after all the hard work and the fear of counterfeit cash being handed over without you realising.

Professional car buyers

“I want to sell my car for cash” is just the good news that a professional car buyer, such as Southern Car Buyers, wants to hear. Registering your interest is as simple as entering your vehicle’s registration number on our website and providing a few details about its age, mileage and condition.  We will then be in touch quickly to make you a guaranteed offer for your car by whatever method of payment suits you the best – be that cash, a company cheque or even a guaranteed banker’s draft. We even come to your address to collect your car – no fees, no charges – it is a simple and fast way to sell a car for cash.