How do I sell my car online?

If you are asking yourself, how do I sell my car online, you may find the following tips useful:

  • look at all of your options – although there may appear to be several, you may find that they, broadly speaking, come under one of two categories – those that are effectively electronic magazines for advertising vehicles, and those which are specialist car purchasing companies;
  • research your asking price – some people attempting to sell motor vehicles set prices that are based more on emotion and hope rather than a realistic and objective assessment of the true value of the vehicle (if you set your price expectations too high, you may typically need to anticipate extensive delays in selling);
  • do your total sums – a slight variation on the selling theme may arise in situations where a dealership or car manufacturer is offering online trade-in values against the purchase of one of their vehicles. If you are considering this as a potential route, it may be advisable to look carefully at the purchase price being used for the replacement vehicle that is included as part of the deal (sometimes it may be more cost-effective to purchase the same vehicle using cash rather than a composite trade-in deal and some simple mathematics should indicate that for you);
  • be cautious with individuals online – if you are dealing online with a private individual as a potential buyer then it may be advisable to be careful, as there are a variety of internet scams around that may prove to be dangerous for the unwary;
  • take reasonable photographs – you may be unlikely to attract serious private buyers in situations where your photographs are of poor quality or your description vague and lacking in detail;
  • protect your identity and that of your vehicle – never include information in your advertisement that may tell a wide and unknown audience who you are, where you live or your contact details, other than your secure e-mail ID (it may also be advisable to blank out the registration details of your car in any photographs provided as part of the initial advertisement);
  • deal only with reputable companies such as ourselves – if you are asking yourself, how do I sell my car online to a professional buyer, progressing through an internet operation may be fast, easy and efficient but it is advisable that you research the company a little (just as you would a private individual) in order to establish that they are a credible organisation;
  • be confident – if you have said to yourself, I am going to sell my car online, remember that hundreds of thousands of vehicles are sold online with an entirely satisfactory outcome for all concerned, so just take some of the above commonsense precautions and all may be well.

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