How do I sell my car?

As one of the biggest purchases you make in a lifetime cars make a big difference to our finances when we come to selling them. That’s why it is important to get a good price and sell your car at the right time and for the right money. There are many options available to you and here are just some of the ways you can answer the question: ‘how do I sell my car?’:

  • Sell my car for cash – Services, like Southern Car Buyers, can offer you an immediate cash price for your car and include a number of additional benefits such as fast payment and collection from your premises
  • Selling for cash to an individual buyer – You have the option to place an advert for your car online and hope that a private buyer takes an interest. However, this may result in some face-to-face negotiations and possibly delays, both things that may not suit your purposes in certain situations
  • Trade-in or part exchange – This may be an option if you are looking a replacement vehicle, but trade-in values may leave you out of pocket within the context of the overall deal. Whereas with cash in your pocket, you are in the ultimate negotiating position with car dealers
  • Sell a car for scrap – This is only really an option if the vehicle in question is older and of relatively low value or in cases where they are so badly damaged as to be beyond the point of economic repair
  • Selling to a dealership – Often dealers may be unwilling to buy a car unless it is a part of deal as it is not really worth their while to only buy the car as it does not benefit them as much as it does a new car deal
  • Sell to friends or family – This can be a lovely sentiment to offer a family and friends a good deal on your old car to help them out. Beware though as we’ve seen many stories of animosity between close family and friends if something goes wrong with the car at any point in the future

If you are looking to sell your car, get started by entering your details into our online valuation form or speaking to one of our friendly team about your options on 01708 863732.