How do I sell my car?

If you are asking yourself the question, how do I sell my car, you may find that you are faced with a number of potential answers:

  • selling it for cash – some services, such as ours, may offer you an immediate cash price for your car and include a number of additional benefits such as fast payment and collection from your premises;
  • cash to an individual buyer – you may be able to place an advertisement and hope that a private buyer takes an interest, however, this may result in some face-to-face negotiations and possibly delays, both things that may not suit your purposes in certain situations;
  • trade-in or part exchange – this may be an option in certain circumstances where you are looking to purchase a replacement vehicle, however, on the downside, trade-in values may simply result in elements of the trade-in price being added to the purchase side of your deal, whereas with cash in your pocket, you are in the ultimate negotiating position with car dealers;
  • selling for scrap – this is typically only a serious option where vehicles are older and of relatively low value or in cases where they are so badly damaged as to be beyond the point of economic repair;
  • selling to a dealership – although it is risky to generalise, you may find that numbers of dealerships will be unwilling to purchase your car for a cash value and only wish to operate through trade-in schemes (and even those that may be willing to offer you a cash price for your vehicle, may need to be examined closely in terms of the cost-effectiveness of their proposed deal);
  • offering it to a friend or family member – this may sometimes be a possibility but you perhaps run the risk of future recriminations and ill feeling due to the fact that you may never be entirely clear of a sense of responsibility for the vehicle, something which may result in you asking yourself not just, how do I sell my car, but perhaps, why on earth did I ever sell it!

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