How do you value my car?

There may be a number of ways in which we would approach this question if you ask us, how do you value my car?

Our starting point would be our vast market experience, which may provide an initial indication of the value of your vehicle. This may be supplemented by expert trade sources that would give another view on the value of your individual car.

Based upon that, we would discuss with you our initial views and take into consideration any additional information you provide, relating to things such as the overall condition of your vehicle, including whether or not it has damage, servicing history, mileage etc.

We are proud of the fact that we do not use entirely automated systems and our experts will be looking to use human judgment and commonsense in order to support the values you are offered following on from your application.

This vehicle valuation may be considered to be a guarantee although, of course, we may reserve the right to revisit the price offered in a situation where we discover upon inspection that you have been less than completely honest about the condition or had overlooked certain issues that we thought to be relevant.

Of course, it may always be advisable to check any price you are offered by any potential buyer against your own market research in order to ensure that you believe you are receiving a broadly just sale price.

It may pay to remember also that there is a difference between the retail price of a vehicle, the price you may hope to achieve in selling privately yourself to a private buyer, and the price that any professional car purchase organisation may be able to offer you.

A dealership or a car purchasing organisation typically needs to have a margin in order for them to be able to survive in business but the advantage of dealing with them is that they may be able to offer you a fast and painless sale of your vehicle.

It may be a question of facing the basic business reality that if you cannot sell privately, you may need to re-think your price expectations.

We hope this will enable you to answer your question as to, how do you value my car?

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