I want to sell my car today

If you want to sell your car today, this may sound impossible. To anyone who has advertised a sale, told countless friends, relations and colleagues that the vehicle is for sale, and waited for days or weeks to find an interested buyer, this might seem like an impossible dream. Here’s how you might realise the seemingly impossible:

  • step one is to find a willing buyer in your area;
  • this might be a lot easier than you imagined;
  • instead of advertising or hoping to drum up interest by word of mouth, you might simply approach a professional car buyer;
  • some – but by no means all – of such trade professionals may be interested in any make or model of car, whatever the age, whatever the condition, whatever the mileage;
  • “I’ve identified a car buyer, how might I sell my car today?” you may ask;
  • if you have found a car buyer with a presence on the internet, you may find that the whole business of making that sale is considerably streamlined;
  • simply by going online, for example, you may be able to announce your interest in selling the car just by entering its registration number and completing a few details about the make, model, age, mileage and general condition;
  • in response to your initial contact, the car buyer is likely to get back to you with a telephone call the very same day;
  • during this call, you are able to discuss the vehicle in more detail and the buyer is able to decide upon an offer;
  • some buyers  – such as ourselves – not only assess the value of your car but even guarantee the quotation they are able to give you;
  • we not only stand by our valuation, but even offer to come out to collect the car from you;
  • we go even further and offer you the choice of payment in cash, by cheque or by banker’s draft;
  • with the objective to sell your car today, therefore, you may be likely to take advantage of our service, getting a bankable quotation on the vehicle you have to sell, with payment in cash, a free collection service, and an end to waiting for other potential buyers to express their interest.

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