I want to sell my car – what are my options?

If you are thinking: “I want to sell my car”, there are a number of options open to you – these might include:

  • trying to sell it privately;
  • trading it in for a replacement; or
  • finding a dealer prepared to buy your car for cash.

Private Sales

In time-honoured tradition, of course, you might write out a card advertising that your car is for sale and put the notice in the window of your local corner shop. This rough and ready form of marketing might have withstood the test of time, but you might wonder just how effective it is in this day and age. It’s hardly as though your humble card is likely to reach a very wide readership of potential buyers.

Even if you try and well your car online and reach a far wider audience, there is still no guarantee that you’ll get a sale.

You’ll have the pressure of making sure you keep the vehicle clean just in case you get someone who wants to view it, and the worry associated if someone wants to take it for a test drive etc. It can be stressful.

What is more, if you choose to go down this route, there is no way of knowing when – if ever – your notice is going to attract a buyer. You wait. And the longer you wait, the greater the chances that the MOT, tax or insurance is going to expire. With the car no longer street legal for a test drive, your chances of making a sale are likely to plummet.

Even if all the hard work, effort and waiting is rewarded when you finally sell your car, however, you may still spend many a sleepless night wondering whether the price you received was really what the car was truly worth.

Trading In Your Car

If you are prepared to buy the car on the garage forecourt, you are typically offered the option of trading in your old car.

At least you are unlikely to have to put up with the wait whilst your car is sold, the trade in is typically concluded the moment you agree to the new purchase.

Typically, however, such a trade in is likely to be made whilst your first thought is on the new car you are buying, rather than the vehicle you are selling – you might still be wondering whether the trade in price you have been offered truly reflects the value of your car.

Selling To A Professional Car Buyer

You may cut out the indeterminable waiting period of a private sale, or the uncertainty of the valuation typically given by the trade in price, and instead receive immediate cash in your pocket (or a cheque in your bank account), if you sell your vehicle to a professional car buyer.

Some of these dealers not only guarantee the price they quote for your old car but actually transfer the funds before you have even given up the vehicle. Collection may also be free – and free of any worry about a current tax disc, MOT or insurance.

When you sell your car, therefore, you may wish to look first to a reputable, professional car buyer such as ourselves.

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