I want to sell my car, what are my options?

You are not alone in thinking ‘I want to sell my car, but what are my options?’, many motorists are having the same thought-process as they look to offload their old car for a good price and quickly. There are a few options available to you:

Sell it privately

Listing your car for sale online or trying to sell it by advertising it in a magazine or in a shop window is a longstanding way to sell your car. This does offer potential visibility to a wide audience, but there is still no guarantee that you’ll get a sale. You’ll have the pressure of making sure you keep the vehicle clean, tax and MOT’d just in case you get someone who wants to view it and the worry associated if someone wants to take it for a test drive. It can be stressful. Even if you do manage to sell it, you may still spend many a sleepless night wondering whether the price you received was really what the car was truly worth.

Trading in your old car

If you are considering an upgrade and have found a dealer selling your ideal car then trading in your old car is an option. In this instance, both deals will be conducted together so there will be no waiting around waiting for a sale to go through. Obviously, canny dealers will attempt to distract you with the buying part of your deal so you are less concerned about securing a good deal on your current vehicle. You’ll then find yourself getting a less than fair offer for your old car within the deal, which only becomes apparent after you’ve signed on the dotted line.

Selling to a professional car buyer

Cut out the indeterminable waiting period of a private sale or the uncertainty of the valuation typically given by the trade in price with a car buying service. Imagine receiving immediate cash in your pocket (or a cheque in your bank account) and a streamlined process that allows you to get an offer for your old car in next to no time. At Southern Car Buyers, we can even guarantee the quote and provide the funds directly in your preferred payment method. We will even collect your car for free so you don’t have to worry about a current tax disc, MOT or insurance.

Get started on selling your car today by entering your car’s registration into our free online valuation form.