Selling your car online

Most of us these days, of course, have some experience of shopping on the internet. Have you considered how easy it might be, however, to sell your car online?

There are a number of ways in which you might do this, but let’s look at just two of the principal options.

Your own online car sales listing

There are a number of internet-based motoring magazines and other sites that maintain listings of classified adverts.

These are essentially an online extension of the traditional classified ads that have been used for decades to offer for sale second-hand goods of practically every description. By the same token, therefore, you are likely to find that by advertising your sale in this way, you are likely to need to:

  • write your own sales copy by describing the vehicle – outlining its general condition, mileage and so on; and
  • pay for the listing on the chosen website.

It may be true that by trying to sell your car online in this way, there is the potential for reaching a huge audience (in theory, of course, anyone connected to the internet). The problem, however, is that your chances of anyone reading your listing are only as good as the popularity of the website. In practice, therefore, you may find that it is actually read by only a few potential buyers.

In sum, therefore, you may be in for a very long wait, with no certainty of attracting any buyers.

Using online car buyers

An alternative to putting yourself to the trouble of writing your own sales copy, paying for a listing, and waiting on the off-chance of someone expressing any interest is to visit the website of an online car buyer.

At Southern Car Buyers, for example, we require no persuasive sales copy and, once you’ve registered your interest in selling your car, we simply call you to discuss its age, condition and the like. We have an interest in buying any car, whatever its age, mileage, make or model.

We charge no fees for our service, which includes free collection.

Selling your car online via a service such as ours is simple – there’s no further work or expense, let alone a lengthy wait – your car is typically sold and taken off your hands in just a matter of days.

Ready to sell your car? Click here to request a free, no-obligation quote from today!

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