Who will buy my car?

How do I find someone to buy my car?

If you’ve done it yourself, you may know that it may be a tiresome chore at the very least. In that case, you might decide to put aside the art of persuading someone to buy it, and simply sell your car!

Here’s how:

The Art of Persuasion

  • appearance is everything, you may tell yourself as you clean – maybe even polish – and vacuum the car in preparation for showing it to potential buyers;
  • you might then spend a good deal of time carefully drafting the most persuasive copy for an advert to go in the for sale columns of your local newspaper or a car sales website;
  • you may even want to write out a card and go to the effort of taking a photograph of the vehicle to place in your local newsagent’s window;
  • then comes the time for you to sit by your telephone, waiting for it to ring when an interested buyer calls – you may wait some more;
  • at last, there may be an interested call – someone might want to buy my car! – you arrange for a viewing and, inevitably, you are likely to get a request for a test drive;
  • it may be a perfectly reasonable request, of course, but it is still your responsibility to ensure that the car is taxed and has a valid MOT – not only that, but whether the interested buyer is also insured to take it for a test drive;
  • even if the potential buyer still seems interested, there is typically a negotiating session when you get back to your driveway as the buyer tries to beat you down in price;
  • if you agree the sale, you might be left wondering whether you obtained the best price possible;
  • as you watch the eventual buyer finally driving off in your car, you might also need to place your trust in his cheque actually clearing the bank;

No Persuasion Needed

  • on the other hand, you might save yourself all this hard work, time and effort simply by selling your car directly to a professional dealer such as ourselves;
  • just by filling in your car’s registration number on our website and giving a few details about the vehicle, you are then called back to confirm your interest in selling the car and to discuss its general condition;
  • based purely on those facts – rather than any artful persuasion on your part – you are given a professional valuation, guaranteed to hold good (as long as you have been truthful);
  • there is no need to spruce up the car, tax it or insure it, since we’ll arrange collection at no extra cost to you;
  • you receive the full valuation price then and there – paid in cash, by cheque or by banker’s draft – without paying any fees to the company;
  • all you have to do was to ask us: “please buy my car”!

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