Who will buy my car?

If selling does not come naturally to you, then the question ‘how do I find someone who will buy my car?’ becomes more difficult. You may know that it may be aware that selling a car be a tiresome chore at its very best. In that case, you might decide to put aside the art of persuading someone to buy it, and simply sell your car to a professional buyer. But if you do persist with selling your car yourself then here’s how:

  • Appearance – Clean, polish and vacuum the car preparation for showing it to potential buyers
  • Description – Spend time carefully drafting persuasive copy for an advert to accompany your listing
  • Wait – Now comes the time for you to sit by your telephone, waiting for it to ring when an interested buyer calls
  • Test drive – You may get lucky and someone calls for you arrange for a viewing and inevitably a test drive. This is a reasonable request, but remember it is still your responsibility to ensure that the car is taxed and has a valid MOT – not only that, but whether the interested buyer is also insured to take it for a test drive
  • Haggling – If the potential buyer still seems interested, there is typically a negotiating session when you get back to your driveway as the buyer tries to beat you down on price. If you agree the sale, you might be left wondering whether you obtained the best price possible
  • Sale – Even once the sale is complete you may have an anxious wait as you see if the cheque actually clears

A simpler option

You can save yourself all this hard work, time and effort simply by selling your car directly to a professional dealer, such as ourselves in just three easy steps:

  • Free car valuation – Just by filling in your car’s registration number on our website and giving a few details about the vehicle, our expert buyers can estimate its’ value
  • Make you an offer – We’ll then be in a position to make you a fair offer for your car. This leaves the decision up to you with no tough negotiating involved
  • Sell your car – Ask us to ‘please buy my car’ and we’ll whizz into action in arranging collection of the car and paying you via your preferred method in payment

It could not be simpler to sell your car, just get started now.