I want to sell my car – what are my options?

If you are thinking: “I want to sell my car”, there are a number of options open to you – these might include:

  • trying to sell it privately;
  • trading it in for a replacement; or
  • finding a dealer prepared to buy your car for cash.

Private Sales

In time-honoured tradition, of course, you might write out a card advertising that your car is for sale and put the notice in the window of your local corner shop. This rough and ready form of marketing might have withstood the test of time, but you might wonder just how effective it is in this day and age. It’s hardly as though your humble card is likely to reach a very wide readership of potential buyers.

Even if you try and well your car online and reach a far wider audience, there is still no guarantee that you’ll get a sale.

You’ll have the pressure of making sure you keep the vehicle clean just in case you get someone who wants to view it, and the worry associated if someone wants to take it for a test drive etc. It can be stressful.

What is more, if you choose to go down this route, there is no way of knowing when – if ever – your notice is going to attract a buyer. You wait. And the longer you wait, the greater the chances that the MOT, tax or insurance is going to expire. With the car no longer street legal for a test drive, your chances of making a sale are likely to plummet.

Even if all the hard work, effort and waiting is rewarded when you finally sell your car, however, you may still spend many a sleepless night wondering whether the price you received was really what the car was truly worth.

Trading In Your Car

If you are prepared to buy the car on the garage forecourt, you are typically offered the option of trading in your old car.

At least you are unlikely to have to put up with the wait whilst your car is sold, the trade in is typically concluded the moment you agree to the new purchase.

Typically, however, such a trade in is likely to be made whilst your first thought is on the new car you are buying, rather than the vehicle you are selling – you might still be wondering whether the trade in price you have been offered truly reflects the value of your car.

Selling To A Professional Car Buyer

You may cut out the indeterminable waiting period of a private sale, or the uncertainty of the valuation typically given by the trade in price, and instead receive immediate cash in your pocket (or a cheque in your bank account), if you sell your vehicle to a professional car buyer.

Some of these dealers not only guarantee the price they quote for your old car but actually transfer the funds before you have even given up the vehicle. Collection may also be free – and free of any worry about a current tax disc, MOT or insurance.

When you sell your car, therefore, you may wish to look first to a reputable, professional car buyer such as ourselves.

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Who will buy my car?

How do I find someone to buy my car?

If you’ve done it yourself, you may know that it may be a tiresome chore at the very least. In that case, you might decide to put aside the art of persuading someone to buy it, and simply sell your car!

Here’s how:

The Art of Persuasion

  • appearance is everything, you may tell yourself as you clean – maybe even polish – and vacuum the car in preparation for showing it to potential buyers;
  • you might then spend a good deal of time carefully drafting the most persuasive copy for an advert to go in the for sale columns of your local newspaper or a car sales website;
  • you may even want to write out a card and go to the effort of taking a photograph of the vehicle to place in your local newsagent’s window;
  • then comes the time for you to sit by your telephone, waiting for it to ring when an interested buyer calls – you may wait some more;
  • at last, there may be an interested call – someone might want to buy my car! – you arrange for a viewing and, inevitably, you are likely to get a request for a test drive;
  • it may be a perfectly reasonable request, of course, but it is still your responsibility to ensure that the car is taxed and has a valid MOT – not only that, but whether the interested buyer is also insured to take it for a test drive;
  • even if the potential buyer still seems interested, there is typically a negotiating session when you get back to your driveway as the buyer tries to beat you down in price;
  • if you agree the sale, you might be left wondering whether you obtained the best price possible;
  • as you watch the eventual buyer finally driving off in your car, you might also need to place your trust in his cheque actually clearing the bank;

No Persuasion Needed

  • on the other hand, you might save yourself all this hard work, time and effort simply by selling your car directly to a professional dealer such as ourselves;
  • just by filling in your car’s registration number on our website and giving a few details about the vehicle, you are then called back to confirm your interest in selling the car and to discuss its general condition;
  • based purely on those facts – rather than any artful persuasion on your part – you are given a professional valuation, guaranteed to hold good (as long as you have been truthful);
  • there is no need to spruce up the car, tax it or insure it, since we’ll arrange collection at no extra cost to you;
  • you receive the full valuation price then and there – paid in cash, by cheque or by banker’s draft – without paying any fees to the company;
  • all you have to do was to ask us: “please buy my car”!

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Wanting a hassle-free way to sell your car?

If you are looking to sell your car, you might have received all kinds of advice and suggestions from friends and colleagues on the best way to go about it.

Some of their top tips you might be given on selling your car, for example, might include:

  • deciding your price – this may be the most difficult part of the whole business. Even if you compare prices locally, consult any number of price guides, or simply ask around about current values, you may worry that too high a price may drive prospective buyers away, whilst pitching it too low simply leaves you sold short;
  • cleaning, polishing and generally sprucing it up so that it looks its best;
  • taking the time, trouble and effort to write a persuasive sales pitch that you may place as an advert in your local paper, online and on a card in the newsagent’s window;
  • remembering to keep it taxed and insured, road-ready for any test drive that might be requested;
  • taking care when accepting any buyer’s offer that you insist either on a cash payment or waiting for a cheque to clear before you actually part with your vehicle; and
  • probably the most telling advice of all – be prepared to wait for a long time even for just one buyer to express an interest.

If you want to sell your car without going through all this potential effort and frustration, however, there is a much simpler and painless way.

Professional car buyers – especially the larger and more reputable businesses such as ourselves – have many years’ experience in the market. Our reputation has been built on the fair and realistic valuation of second-hand cars. If you offer your car to us, therefore, as long as you have been truthful about its condition, you may rest assured that the valuation you receive reflects the best market value.

Furthermore, making that offer of sale to a car buying agency such as ourselves has probably never been easier. An initial contact may be no more than a simple click away, via an online presence.

Typically, you might make your offer simply by identifying your vehicle with its registration number and by briefly describing its condition. Having registered your interest, the dealer may then want to call you back both to confirm your interest and to verify the condition it is in. On the basis of the facts you are able to give, some car buyers not only give you a quotation on its value but guarantee that price if you agree to sell it.

Some dealers  – such as ourselves – might then even offer to collect your car and give you the choice of payment in cash, by cheque or by banker’s draft before they take it away.

If you are looking to sell your car, therefore, this might prove the simplest, most straight forward and stress-free way of doing so.

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Selling your car online

Most of us these days, of course, have some experience of shopping on the internet. Have you considered how easy it might be, however, to sell your car online?

There are a number of ways in which you might do this, but let’s look at just two of the principal options.

Your own online car sales listing

There are a number of internet-based motoring magazines and other sites that maintain listings of classified adverts.

These are essentially an online extension of the traditional classified ads that have been used for decades to offer for sale second-hand goods of practically every description. By the same token, therefore, you are likely to find that by advertising your sale in this way, you are likely to need to:

  • write your own sales copy by describing the vehicle – outlining its general condition, mileage and so on; and
  • pay for the listing on the chosen website.

It may be true that by trying to sell your car online in this way, there is the potential for reaching a huge audience (in theory, of course, anyone connected to the internet). The problem, however, is that your chances of anyone reading your listing are only as good as the popularity of the website. In practice, therefore, you may find that it is actually read by only a few potential buyers.

In sum, therefore, you may be in for a very long wait, with no certainty of attracting any buyers.

Using online car buyers

An alternative to putting yourself to the trouble of writing your own sales copy, paying for a listing, and waiting on the off-chance of someone expressing any interest is to visit the website of an online car buyer.

At Southern Car Buyers, for example, we require no persuasive sales copy and, once you’ve registered your interest in selling your car, we simply call you to discuss its age, condition and the like. We have an interest in buying any car, whatever its age, mileage, make or model.

We charge no fees for our service, which includes free collection.

Selling your car online via a service such as ours is simple – there’s no further work or expense, let alone a lengthy wait – your car is typically sold and taken off your hands in just a matter of days.

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What do I need to know in order to sell my car online?

If you want to sell your car online – what is the best way of going about it?

Online trading

Although there has been an explosion in the way goods of every size and description are bought and sold on the internet, it is probably short-sighted to believe that simply by posting your car for sale online is a sure-fire way of guaranteeing a sale at fair price.

It’s unlikely to be good enough simply to have your car listed, for example, if very few people visit that website. The number of visitors to any particular online auto-trading magazine, of course, is something quite beyond your control. You might try to increase the chances of your listing being spotted, of course, by subscribing to a premium listings service – but this may cost you an expensive fee.

Thinking “I want to sell my car online” might sound like a straight forward option, but even if you manage to interest a buyer or two, you are still likely to have to deal with requests not only for inspections, but also for test drives. This means keeping the vehicle, taxed, insured and covered by a current MOT – everything in other words to keep it roadworthy and street legal.

All in all, therefore, there may be the world of difference between simply advertising your car for sale online and actually persuading someone to buy it – with one notable exception.

The exception – the professional car buyer

The exception lies in finding a buyer who is already in a position to make you an offer on your car, whatever the model, make, mileage or condition.

This is the professional car buyer – the biggest and most reputable of which maintain an online presence for the sole purpose of establishing contact between you, the seller, and themselves, the permanently committed buyer.

When you visit such a site, you may be asked simply to register your interest by keying in the registration number of your vehicle, briefly describing its age, mileage and condition, and leaving your contact telephone number so that they are able to get back to you.

In a very short space of time, you may then receive the call back from the buyer, who may talk you through a description of the car you wish to sell. Once its description and condition has been verified, you are likely to receive a definitive quotation and, if you agree to the terms, arrangements may be made for the vehicle’s collection. If you’ve chosen one of the best online car buyers, you don’t have to pay anything at all for the valuation, quotation, collection or transfer of ownership – the price you are quoted is the price you receive and some buyers may even give you the choice of receiving that payment in cash, by cheque or by banker’s draft.

So, if you want to sell your car online, using the services of such a committed, reliable buyer, such as ourselves, may be the solution.

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How do I find the best car buyers?

If you are looking to sell your car you might decide to save yourself the time, trouble and effort of advertising it, showing it to potential buyers and arranging test drives and instead go straight to a firm that buys cars directly. So, how might you find the best car buyers?

How choosy?

  • you might have a high performance, prestige or simple standard make and model. It might be high-mileage or low. It might be older or newer. To take advantage of as many of these variables as possible, therefore, the best car buyers may be those prepared to buy any type of vehicle in any condition;


  • how reliable or bankable is the quote you are given? Some car buyers might tempt you with an unrealistically attractive but provisional quotation simply to win over your interest. The best car buyers, on the other hand, are likely to be those prepared to guarantee their quote – once details such as age, mileage and condition have been confirmed, of course;


  • probably your biggest concern whenever you are selling your car is the receipt of the payment for it. And probably the most reassuring and confidence-boosting form of payment is in cash. You might want to single out those car buyers, therefore, that are prepared to offer you payment in cash;

Your place or theirs?

  • some buyers might insist that you visit their premises in your car for it to be inspected, the final inspection to be made, a firm quote to be given and for the sale to be concluded;
  • if you’ve gone to the time, trouble and effort of finding the premises, however, you may feel yourself under a degree of pressure to conclude a sale even though the price fails to match what you had expected;
  • you might prefer the buyer, therefore, who guarantees your quote in advance and is prepared to come to you with the payment when they come to collect the vehicle.

Southern Car Buyers

  • we are car buyers who tick all of the above boxes – in terms of us buying just about any car, at a guaranteed quotation (provided you have been truthful), for cash, upon collection from your address;
  • you might agree, therefore, that these features make Southern Car Buyers one of the best car buyers.

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How do I sell my car for cash?

I want to sell my car for cash – it’s a perfectly reasonable thing to want to do, of course, since one of the more common concerns amongst those who have watched a purchaser drive away in their vehicle is whether the cheque – or some other promise of payment – actually clears.

Clearly, the best guarantee you have for realising the price that you’ve put on your car is payment in cash. But how might you achieve that degree of security?

Private sales

If you’ve ever advertised your car for sale in newspapers, a card in the local newsagent’s window or even through a listing online, you may know what a tedious and tiresome wait may follow. Potential buyers may be few and far between.

You’ve cleaned the car – inside and out – kept it taxed, MOT’d and insured, to allow the inevitable test drive, and you’ve maybe even interested a potential buyer. As you go backwards and forwards in the ritual of negotiating a price, one of the last things you might want to do is then insist on payment in cash. Though you may do it to be safe, you might fear that it simply drives the buyer away – and your sale is lost.

Car buyers

“I want to sell my car for cash”, however, might be just the good news that a professional car buyer, such as ourselves, wants to hear.

With our service, this is precisely the introduction that may lead to your selling your car as quickly as the very same day. Registering your interest is as simple as entering your vehicle’s registration number on our website and providing a few details about its age, mileage and condition.  We will call you back on the contact telephone number you provide and discuss the terms of sale – whatever the make, model, age or mileage of the car you want to sell.

On the basis of the details you give, you’ll receive a guaranteed quotation, backed up by an offer to buy your car by whatever method of payment suits you the best – be that cash, a company cheque or even a guaranteed banker’s draft.

We even come to your address to collect your car – no fees, no charges – it is a simple and fast way to sell a car for cash.

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I want to sell my car today

If you want to sell your car today, this may sound impossible. To anyone who has advertised a sale, told countless friends, relations and colleagues that the vehicle is for sale, and waited for days or weeks to find an interested buyer, this might seem like an impossible dream. Here’s how you might realise the seemingly impossible:

  • step one is to find a willing buyer in your area;
  • this might be a lot easier than you imagined;
  • instead of advertising or hoping to drum up interest by word of mouth, you might simply approach a professional car buyer;
  • some – but by no means all – of such trade professionals may be interested in any make or model of car, whatever the age, whatever the condition, whatever the mileage;
  • “I’ve identified a car buyer, how might I sell my car today?” you may ask;
  • if you have found a car buyer with a presence on the internet, you may find that the whole business of making that sale is considerably streamlined;
  • simply by going online, for example, you may be able to announce your interest in selling the car just by entering its registration number and completing a few details about the make, model, age, mileage and general condition;
  • in response to your initial contact, the car buyer is likely to get back to you with a telephone call the very same day;
  • during this call, you are able to discuss the vehicle in more detail and the buyer is able to decide upon an offer;
  • some buyers  – such as ourselves – not only assess the value of your car but even guarantee the quotation they are able to give you;
  • we not only stand by our valuation, but even offer to come out to collect the car from you;
  • we go even further and offer you the choice of payment in cash, by cheque or by banker’s draft;
  • with the objective to sell your car today, therefore, you may be likely to take advantage of our service, getting a bankable quotation on the vehicle you have to sell, with payment in cash, a free collection service, and an end to waiting for other potential buyers to express their interest.

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All you need to know about car valuations

If you want to sell your vehicle, getting reliable and trustworthy car valuations may be the key to realising just what its worth. That might be easier said than done, of course, unless you know just where to look.

The trade “bibles”

When it comes to gauging the market price of any vehicle, there are a number of resources frequently used by the motor trade. Important among these are the motor vehicle valuers Glass and Parker – both offer used car valuations based on extensive databases of traded vehicles.

If you have consulted Glass’s or Parker’s guides for car valuations, however, you are likely to have discovered a relatively broad range of prices, depending on the actual condition of the vehicle in question.

Whilst both guides – also available online – may prove useful in trying to put a price on any car you might be trying to sell, therefore, the real skill might lie in determining just how the valuation is affected by the overall condition of the vehicle you may want to sell.

Professional experience

At the end of the day, therefore, you may be faced with a very wide range of potential valuations if you rely on the valuations offered by the trade’s principal valuers.

In that event, it may be time to call in the experience and expertise of professionals accustomed to working not only with the trade’s established valuation standards but also with their own real-time exposure to the market.

Car buyers such as ourselves, for example, have established one of the biggest businesses in the whole of south-eastern England on the strength of our realistic and market-conscious valuation of vehicles of every shape and hue – from high performance to standard, high- to low-mileage, old and new.

It is an experience and expertise that may be brought to bear if you have a car you want to sell.

If that is the case, you only have to visit our website and key in your car’s registration number to register your interest in selling your vehicle.

We will then get back to you to discuss and confirm the particular details and condition of the car you want to sell. Whatever its make and model, whatever its age and condition, you may expect not only a realistic valuation but also one that you may rely on if you decide to proceed with the sale (as long as you have been honest with us of course!)

Car valuations from us at Southern Car Buyers are genuinely bankable.

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Q&A – How do you value my car?

If you want to sell your car, probably the most important factor you’ll be keeping in mind is its valuation. You have been honest in your description, so you want the valuation to be fair, too. So, you may be wondering: how do you value my car?

The market

  • clearly, there is a huge market in the trade of second-hand cars;
  • on the back of this market, there has developed an equally extensive business in the way that vehicles are valued;
  • perhaps best known among these are the trade guides such as Glass’s and Parkers, both of which draw on large databases relating to recent trades in motor vehicles;
  • databases relating to sales of vehicles across the country as a whole, however, may tell only part of the picture;
  • nevertheless, they may frequently be used to generate automated valuations in response to your request to value my car;
  • such an automated response, of course, is unlikely to take fully into account the precise condition of your vehicle, or indeed the particular market in which it is likely to be offered for sale.


  • all of this may be thrown into particular relief if you are looking to sell your car to a professional buyer;
  • some car buying companies, for example, may rely entirely on computer-generated valuations;
  • for other car buyers, however, the limitations of the automated response are properly recognised and avoided;
  • instead, the valuation is based on a fully interactive conversation with you, the seller;
  • this helps to establish not only the exact condition of the vehicle you want to sell but also the geographical market into which it is likely to be sold;
  • only by talking directly to you and by understanding the finer points of the history and condition of the vehicle you want to offer for sale, may the professional car buyer establish the full and fair price – the valuation – most appropriate for your car.

In summary, you, as a car seller may think: when I ask someone to value my car, I expect the opportunity for direct contact in which I am able to explain and discuss all the pros and cons of the vehicle I am offering for sale.

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Getting car valuations

There may be a number of ways of getting car valuations and you may find some of them to be of more use to you than others:

  • hope and wishful thinking – this is slightly tongue in cheek but it is a fact that some people may believe that their vehicle is worth what they think it is worth rather than what objective market valuations otherwise indicate to be the case (this may be a common cause of failing to sell a motor vehicle – i.e. the price being asked is simply too high);
  • magazines and periodicals – some of the glossy magazines occasionally offer valuation estimates for vehicles that are not explained or attributed to a recognised industry source and this may lead to erroneous assumptions about the value of a vehicle being prepared for sale (perhaps setting expectations too high or even too low);
  • precedent and anecdote – what someone tells you they sold a similar vehicle to yours for, may be no realistic guide to where you should set your expectations, as it may be unlikely that the circumstances surrounding the sale are identical to yours (for example, they may have simply being extremely fortunate or unfortunate);
  • professional trade sources – there are online sources such as Glass’ and Parker’s guides which may be able to offer you a basic valuation of your vehicle based upon its registration details etc;
  • potential purchasers – ultimately it may be a bitter pill to swallow but in the final analysis, the value of a vehicle you are trying to sell is only that which buyers in the marketplace are willing to pay for it at a given time. This reality may be irrespective of whether you are trying to sell it privately or to a specialist car purchasing organisation;
  • demand – linked to the above point, some vehicles may simply be more in demand at a given time than others. These peaks and troughs may vary at almost any time in the year and may significantly influence on car valuations and the price you may be realistically expected to get for your vehicle at a given time.

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Can I sell my car today?

It may be the case that you have been trying to sell your vehicle privately for sometime and not much has been happening.  Perhaps you are now asking yourself, can I sell my car today, simply because you need the money urgently and are becoming frustrated at the delays.

The good news is that it may be possible to do so through the services of organisations such as ours, specialising in the purchase of cars online.

In these types of situation, it may not be unusual to find that there is inevitably some thought about whether or not you are likely to get the price you expect.

There is no definitive answer to this question but there may be some points of business reality that might come into play in such circumstances:

  • if you set what you consider to be a fair price before trying to sell your vehicle privately, then the fact that the market has not responded may indicate that, to put it bluntly, you got it wrong;
  • although none of us like to accept it, the reality of life is that when we are trying to sell something, its price is what the market is prepared to pay and not what we think it is worth;
  • if you are selling to a professional organisation, a dealership or using your vehicle as a trade-in on another car purchase, you may be unlikely to receive a price that equates to its theoretical private individual sale level (the organisations concerned will need eventually to make a profit on their purchase). Do note that, on the positive side, dealing with a professional organisation as opposed to a private buyer tends to be quicker and more efficient.

You should never feel pressured to sell your vehicle for a price that you believe to be woefully inadequate but if you do need to dispose of it quickly, you may need to be pragmatic and think about the price you are setting.

You may also need to think about what is called opportunity cost – in other words, how much it may be costing you to not have even a reduced purchase price in your bank account for extended periods, as well as car insurance and road tax costs.

So, you may be able to get a positive answer to your question, can I sell my car today, if you are prepared to be realistic on the price.

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I want to sell my car for cash

If you find yourself saying, “I want to sell my car for cash“, you may also wish to look at some of the following tips:

  • if you are accepting large sums of cash from a private individual buyer, you may need to be aware of the dangers of counterfeit currency – although this is hopefully an infrequent situation, it may still pay to think about it and advisable to ensure that you have verified the buyer’s identity and address;
  • in terms again of private individuals, you may need to be aware of the fact that they may expect to drive a very hard bargain if they are paying you by cash but it may be highly advisable not to relinquish your vehicle until any cheques they have given you, have irrevocably cleared through into your bank account;
  • if you are dealing with a smaller corporate buyer, you may find that some of them will wish to deal with you only on a cheque basis and that may mean that you will need to wait for some days until full clearance;
  • if you are dealing with any smaller company, it may pay to keep in mind that a company cheque may bounce just as easily as a private individual’s cheque so yet again, it may be advisable to keep your vehicle until the cheque has cleared;
  • some companies may offer you what is called an irrevocable banker’s draft which means that it cannot bounce and is subject to immediate clearance but in some cases your own bank may charge extra for the processing of such documents;
  • you may find that some professional car purchase companies may offer to pay via a direct credit into your bank account – this may be, broadly speaking, similar to cash payment, as you may see it arrive in your bank account very quickly and it is under normal circumstances, typically irrevocable;
  • remember that if you are saying, I want to sell my car for cash, that you may need to construct your sales strategy to reflect that – including potentially favouring corporate purchasers who are able to operate with you on that basis.

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How do I find the best car buyers?

Some of us may have asked ourselves in the past, how do I find the best car buyers?

It is a good question and one that depends on what you are looking to get out of the deal.

You are, of course, looking to sell your vehicle but presumably at a price you find to be reasonable and with the minimum of overheads and arrangement hassle to yourself.

Private sales

Advertising your vehicle conventionally and/or on the internet is one such option, however, it is difficult to say too much more about this because the outcomes may be many and varied.

There may be advantages and disadvantages to this route and only you will be able to say whether or not it makes sense in the context of your need to sell your vehicle.

Internet direct sales

Something that may be a little easier to discuss is the option of selling your vehicle to a specialist car buyer company such as us.

The potential advantages here are that you may be able to get a very fast response and an equally fast sale.

If the sale is agreed, some companies of this type may be able to make equally quick payment to you and you may not have the worry of needing to deal with private individuals asking for test drives and passing over cheques that you may be a little concerned about.

The logistics of internet sales

In the case of some companies operating in this domain, you may need to take your car along to one of their depots and that may not be entirely dissimilar to simply taking your car to a conventional dealership and asking them for price.

The problem with this approach is, that once you are there on-site, you are a semi-captive audience and the dealer may know that you might be reluctant to simply walk away from their proposal, however much it may not meet your expectations.

What might be preferable is a situation whereby the company comes to you to look at the vehicle, as this gives you a far greater degree of commercial leverage than may be the case where you have driven a long-distance take your vehicle to them.

Of course, whatever your views as to who are the best car buyers, it may always be advisable to be prepared to walk away from an offer if it does not meet your minimum requirements (though being realistic in setting your expected price may also be a sensible move).

Ultimately, only you will be able to decide who the best car buyers for your circumstances are.

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How do I sell my car online?

If you are asking yourself, how do I sell my car online, you may find the following tips useful:

  • look at all of your options – although there may appear to be several, you may find that they, broadly speaking, come under one of two categories – those that are effectively electronic magazines for advertising vehicles, and those which are specialist car purchasing companies;
  • research your asking price – some people attempting to sell motor vehicles set prices that are based more on emotion and hope rather than a realistic and objective assessment of the true value of the vehicle (if you set your price expectations too high, you may typically need to anticipate extensive delays in selling);
  • do your total sums – a slight variation on the selling theme may arise in situations where a dealership or car manufacturer is offering online trade-in values against the purchase of one of their vehicles. If you are considering this as a potential route, it may be advisable to look carefully at the purchase price being used for the replacement vehicle that is included as part of the deal (sometimes it may be more cost-effective to purchase the same vehicle using cash rather than a composite trade-in deal and some simple mathematics should indicate that for you);
  • be cautious with individuals online – if you are dealing online with a private individual as a potential buyer then it may be advisable to be careful, as there are a variety of internet scams around that may prove to be dangerous for the unwary;
  • take reasonable photographs – you may be unlikely to attract serious private buyers in situations where your photographs are of poor quality or your description vague and lacking in detail;
  • protect your identity and that of your vehicle – never include information in your advertisement that may tell a wide and unknown audience who you are, where you live or your contact details, other than your secure e-mail ID (it may also be advisable to blank out the registration details of your car in any photographs provided as part of the initial advertisement);
  • deal only with reputable companies such as ourselves – if you are asking yourself, how do I sell my car online to a professional buyer, progressing through an internet operation may be fast, easy and efficient but it is advisable that you research the company a little (just as you would a private individual) in order to establish that they are a credible organisation;
  • be confident – if you have said to yourself, I am going to sell my car online, remember that hundreds of thousands of vehicles are sold online with an entirely satisfactory outcome for all concerned, so just take some of the above commonsense precautions and all may be well.

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Looking to sell your car?

Here are some top tips that may help you to sell your car.

Decide on what is important to you

Understandably, price may be at the top of your list but it may not be the only factor worthy of consideration.

You may urgently need the money and as a result, may be willing to compromise on your anticipated price in order to get a fast and easy sale etc.

Once you have thought through exactly what you are hoping to achieve and what is particularly important to you, you may be better positioned to choose your sale channel.

Consider your options

The conventional way to privately sell a motor vehicle was, for many years, simply to place advertisements in various publications and hope that somebody noticed them.

This was then typically followed up by the frantic business of cleaning and preparing your car for inspection and test drives etc.

Today there are a number of other options, including the fast online sale of your motor vehicle to a specialist organisation such as ourselves.

These and other options may have their advantages and disadvantages from your point of view but they should perhaps all initially be objectively considered.

Set a realistic price

Whatever channel you choose to use for selling your car, you may find that a typical reason for a delay in selling is an unrealistic expectation relating to the sale price.

Remember that there are many factors that may affect what your car is perceived to be worth to a potential buyer and that they may not always hold the same view as you do.

Some publications may indicate average prices but it may be difficult to understand what assumptions are sitting behind the figures they use.

You may also wish to take into account things such as the fact that it may be worthwhile lowering your expectations a little if it means you are able to sell your vehicle quickly and get the money into your bank earning interest or for whatever purposes you choose.

Be prepared to negotiate

This may be particularly important if you choose to sell your car privately.

Remember that a potential individual buyer is typically likely to be looking to pay as little as they can for your vehicle whereas your objectives are exactly the opposite.

Setting a firm irrevocable price, that you have no intention of being shifted on, may not help you get through negotiation processes.

Try to avoid being offended at offers that may be put to you and be prepared to engage in some tough bargaining in order to try and reach a compromise position if you wish to sell your vehicle.

If you are not comfortable with the concept of negotiating as part of trying to sell your car, then you may wish to simply look for cash offers from professionals on your vehicle.

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How do I get someone to buy my car?

There is no single answer to this and you have a number of routes open to you.

The one you choose will obviously be up to you and what you see as the best way forward may vary depending upon your own situation, such as:

  • how quickly you want sell it and get the cash in your bank;
  • whether or not you wish to undertake a lot of advertising and other related administration, prior to the sale;
  • how happy you are at dealing with a buyer face-to-face in terms of negotiations and test drives etc.

What are these options?

There may be several but excluding those that are only applicable in certain circumstances (e.g. scrapping schemes and sales to family members etc) your principal options may include:

  • selling to a specialist online buyer of cars;
  • advertising your vehicle privately and attempting to sell it to a private individual;
  • doing a trade-in or PX (part exchange) deal that involves the purchase of another vehicle;
  • selling it to an ordinary high street dealership.

Which is best?

What may work out the best for someone else might not prove to be best for you.

There may be a number of typical attributes of such deals that you may wish to take into account before making your decision (understanding, of course, that the offer price will typically be a factor):

  • selling to an online specialist purchaser may prove to be the fastest solution and it may also involve you in the least administration, as you will not have to worry about things such as advertising, cleaning and valeting, test drives and potentially aggressive negotiation tactics;
  • looking to sell to private individuals may enable you to set a higher target sale price but you may have to undertake extensive vehicle preparation and accept delays (plus, there may be little guarantee that you will achieve the price you have set in any case);
  • trade-in deals will only be feasible if you require another vehicle and you may find that your freedom of choice and negotiating position is restricted by your need to dispose of a vehicle as part of the deal;
  • high street dealerships may be reluctant to engage in the cash deals.

The answer to the question, who will buy my car, will depend upon how you see the above issues.

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How do I sell my car?

If you are asking yourself the question, how do I sell my car, you may find that you are faced with a number of potential answers:

  • selling it for cash – some services, such as ours, may offer you an immediate cash price for your car and include a number of additional benefits such as fast payment and collection from your premises;
  • cash to an individual buyer – you may be able to place an advertisement and hope that a private buyer takes an interest, however, this may result in some face-to-face negotiations and possibly delays, both things that may not suit your purposes in certain situations;
  • trade-in or part exchange – this may be an option in certain circumstances where you are looking to purchase a replacement vehicle, however, on the downside, trade-in values may simply result in elements of the trade-in price being added to the purchase side of your deal, whereas with cash in your pocket, you are in the ultimate negotiating position with car dealers;
  • selling for scrap – this is typically only a serious option where vehicles are older and of relatively low value or in cases where they are so badly damaged as to be beyond the point of economic repair;
  • selling to a dealership – although it is risky to generalise, you may find that numbers of dealerships will be unwilling to purchase your car for a cash value and only wish to operate through trade-in schemes (and even those that may be willing to offer you a cash price for your vehicle, may need to be examined closely in terms of the cost-effectiveness of their proposed deal);
  • offering it to a friend or family member – this may sometimes be a possibility but you perhaps run the risk of future recriminations and ill feeling due to the fact that you may never be entirely clear of a sense of responsibility for the vehicle, something which may result in you asking yourself not just, how do I sell my car, but perhaps, why on earth did I ever sell it!

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How do you value my car?

There may be a number of ways in which we would approach this question if you ask us, how do you value my car?

Our starting point would be our vast market experience, which may provide an initial indication of the value of your vehicle. This may be supplemented by expert trade sources that would give another view on the value of your individual car.

Based upon that, we would discuss with you our initial views and take into consideration any additional information you provide, relating to things such as the overall condition of your vehicle, including whether or not it has damage, servicing history, mileage etc.

We are proud of the fact that we do not use entirely automated systems and our experts will be looking to use human judgment and commonsense in order to support the values you are offered following on from your application.

This vehicle valuation may be considered to be a guarantee although, of course, we may reserve the right to revisit the price offered in a situation where we discover upon inspection that you have been less than completely honest about the condition or had overlooked certain issues that we thought to be relevant.

Of course, it may always be advisable to check any price you are offered by any potential buyer against your own market research in order to ensure that you believe you are receiving a broadly just sale price.

It may pay to remember also that there is a difference between the retail price of a vehicle, the price you may hope to achieve in selling privately yourself to a private buyer, and the price that any professional car purchase organisation may be able to offer you.

A dealership or a car purchasing organisation typically needs to have a margin in order for them to be able to survive in business but the advantage of dealing with them is that they may be able to offer you a fast and painless sale of your vehicle.

It may be a question of facing the basic business reality that if you cannot sell privately, you may need to re-think your price expectations.

We hope this will enable you to answer your question as to, how do you value my car?

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