• Getting Car Valuations

    Trying to get an accurate value for your car is no easy task and you may find lots of websites that will give you a ball park figure. Truthfully, you will only know how much your car is actually worth when somebody stumps up the cash to buy it. It is useful though to do a bit of research around what a car like yours with similar mileage and condition may be worth. There may be a number of ways of getting car valuations and you may find some of them to be of more use to you than others:

    • Personal knowledge – This is slightly tongue in cheek, but we often think we know best and have a rough idea of what our car is worth from what you paid for it and believe it should be worth. Often, this causes private sellers to expect far more for their car than is feasibly possible
    • Word of mouth – What someone tells you they sold a similar vehicle to yours for, may be no realistic guide to where you should set your expectations. It may be that their car had a higher spec or was in better condition and it’s unlikely that the circumstances surrounding the sale are identical to yours (for example, they may have simply being extremely fortunate or selling to a friend)
    • Professional trade sources – There are online sources such as Glass’ and Parker’s guides which may be able to offer you a basic valuation of your vehicle based upon its registration details etc
    • Potential purchasers – Ultimately, the value of a vehicle you are trying to sell is only that which buyers in the marketplace are willing to pay for it at a given time. Timing is everything as convertibles will be worth more in summer, that is just a fact of demand for a certain product in a particular season
    • Southern Car Buyers – It really could not be easier to find out a realistic and fair price for your car through our online valuation form, which will take all the details of your car and allow our expert buyers to price it up in line with the current market

    If you want to get a free car valuation of your car’s worth then simply enter your details into our online form and our buyers will make you an offer.