• Guide to Selling Your Car

    Understanding how your car is valued can be tricky when you are not in the car trade can be difficult. Often, it is hard to see from the outside why two cars that are so similar can have such different values. Here at Southern Car Buyers, we believe in transparency so all of our customers can be safe in the knowledge that the price offered is the best to be found locally. Unlike other car buying services, we put you first to ensure that you come back year after year.

    Who can I sell my car to?

    Knowing where to sell your car is one of the most important of decisions. Firstly, you could sell to a dealer but they will take their chunk upfront as they will be looking to sell it on as profitably as possible. Secondly, selling to a private buyer may result in a better price in some cases, but the costs and timescales of having to advertise as well as show endless tyre-kickers around can take its toll on you. Both of these options have made professional car buying services a popular choice as you get a fair price and the money quickly when looking to sell your car.

    What impacts the price I get?

    There are a lot of mitigating circumstances as to why cars are worth a certain amount and here are some reasons why:

    • Make and model – Each manufacturer’s models depreciate at different rates which is based on desirability and legacy. More expensive vehicles will often lose value quicker, while large-selling models like VW and Ford less so as they are in more demand. Timing is also vital as 4x4s will be worth more in winter and convertibles in summer, due to the nature of the vehicle and seasonal demand
    • Condition – Age, mileage and bodywork are hugely important when calculating the value of a car. Two identical cars, the same age, can often range massively in price if one has been used frequently on long journeys and the other only used on short trips every now and again. If one car’s bodywork has scratches and scrapes and the other is in mint condition, then this will also cause discrepancies in price as these will potentially have be rectified by the new owner
    • Colour – It may seem remarkable, but something as simple as the colour of your car can drastically impact its value. The most popular colours of cars are black, grey and white, and while more outrageous colours may get heads turning on the road but may turn buyers off on resale
    • Spec – The optional extras when bought from a showroom make a big difference to a vehicle’s value when resold. Whether your car comes with a reversing camera, leather seats or contrast-stitching it all matters. That’s why it is important to specify these extras when selling a car

    When you’ve decided to sell…

    Preparation is everything when selling your car. If you’ve decided it is time to sell then start by doing your research and looking to see how much your car is potentially worth in the current market. Now it’s time to make sure all of your car’s paperwork is in order i.e. all of its service and repair history as well as ownership documents. This could include resolving all finance owed, if selling privately. Next, if your car is a non-runner or needs work completed to work and be able to test drive efficiently, then getting work done to it may be advisable, but only if the work is within budget and drastically impacts the car’s value. Once complete, give your car a good once over checking for any damage and clean in thoroughly inside and out to make it as presentable as possible.

    Get started with selling your car by entering your vehicle’s details into our valuation form and get a free valuation or call our team on 01708 863732.