• Sell My Car Chelmsford

    As one of the UK’s newest cities, Chelmsford is quickly becoming a vibrant shopping district and go-to destination. But if you’ve been shopping your car around the city without much luck, then maybe it is time to try Southern Car Buyers. As a professional car buying service, our team can answer the question: ‘where can I sell my car in Chelmsford?’ simply and quickly through the following three steps:

    • Value your car – Supply us with your car’s details online and our team will rev into gear by pricing up your old car according to the details you provide
    • Get your offer – Once we have priced up your car, our expert buyers will be in touch quickly to make you a guaranteed offer for your car, then the choice is yours in whether to sell it to us or not
    • Complete sale – Give us the green light to buy your car and we’ll schedule in a collection time and date as well as make sure payment is made whether you prefer cash, cheque or via bank transfer

    That’s how easy it could be to sell your car to Southern Car Buyers today, so get on the road to your car sale now.