• Sell My Car Dagenham

    As one of the biggest purchases we make in our lifetime it can be hard to take when the value of your car is not as you expect. When trying to secure the best price you may ponder the question: ‘should I sell my car privately?’ The fact is you can attempt to sell your car at any price, but the likelihood of selling it fast and without hassle are slim to none. Even if you do find a potential buyer there will be endless test drives, questions and haggling, which can leave you feeling exhausted and willing to accept less for your car.

    Here at Southern Car Buyers, we can make you a fair offer for your old motor and all we need to get going is some information about your car. It’s a simple as providing your car’s registration and details about its condition, which will enable our expert buyers to price it up accurately. Our buyers will now make you a guaranteed offer for your old car and the decision is up to you. Give us the thumbs up and our team will book in a time and date to collect the vehicle and set up payment to you to go through once the exchange is complete.

    Secure a fair price for your old car and get the cash in your pocket fast at Southern Car Buyers.