Selling a Financed Car

If your car is under a finance agreement, we will still honour our quote to buy your car.

All you need to do is let us know the details of your agreement and we will ensure to get you paid quickly while endeavouring to settle the remaining amount with your finance company.

We should be able to settle with an up-front payment to settle your contract, though this may be subject to an additional charge from the company.

We work with your finance company with finance agreements such as Personal Contract Purchase and Conditional Sale. However, a Personal Lease agreement is slightly different and you will need to deal directly with your finance company as you aren’t legally the owner under this type of contract.

Important – Let us know if your car is under a finance agreement

It is your duty as the owner and seller to tell us about any outstanding finance agreement on your car. It’s nothing to be afraid of as we will buy any car even if under finance.

However, we won’t be able to complete the purchase if there is any outstanding fees on your finance agreement and we won’t know who to contact to endeavour to settle this with your finance company either.

We will run a security check on any vehicle we are dealing with so if you aren’t up front with us, we will be able to access this information and it will impact on any potential sale for you. It’s simple to let us know straight away so we can work to complete the deal with you as soon as possible.

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