Why Choose Us

We are a family run company with over 20 years in the used car industry, We have been purchasing cars and vans via the internet for over 5 years.

1. Guaranteed Quotes!

We give you a real quote over the phone according to the information that you provide us, NOT just an unrealistic computer generated quote!

2. Can Pay Cash!

We can pay you in cash, cheque or make an instant bank transfer, so you get your money before we take the car UNLIKE most other companies that pay you within 5 days and charge you for the privilege.

3. Free Collection!

If your car or van is SORN or untaxed then driving it on the road is against the law! That’s why we come to you and pick it up for FREE! At any location THAT SUITS YOU.

4. No Hidden Fees!

That’s right, no hidden fees at all, we don’t charge you a single penny, no admin fees, handling charges or payment fees.

Click HERE for a REAL, HONEST quote for your car.